Title Modified Date
JoonextPro 1.03

This release adds a one-page option, that allows you to scroll to your items all on 1 page. Small updates in custom module CSS options. Check the documentation on how to setup a one-page website with JoonextPro.

27 March 2019
Carousel module 1.01

Small jquery update to carousel module. no impact when updating. No data is lost.

26 March 2019
Pixabay image search

The Pixabay image search adds an editor button to your editor.

19 March 2019
Image compare module

Our all-new responsive image compare module lets you compare 2 images with a slider.

19 March 2019
Bootstrap Block 1.1

Small typo update. No functional changes.

19 March 2019
Joonext Comments

Joonext Comments allows you to enable a comment section on any article. This is a very versatile module, allowing your users to interact with what you publish.

19 March 2019
Portfolio module

The Joonextpro portfolio module allows you to quickly add a portfolio to your website.

19 March 2019
Enterprise Charts module

The Joonext Enterprise Charts module is based on charts.js, and allows for very fast deployment of charts.

19 March 2019